We are in Aransas Pass, TX helping folks affected by Hurricane Harvey.  This is where the eye came through.  There's a lot of damage still and many needs.  We'll be helping with some rebuilds.  We need YOU!   Click here to learn about joining us in the field.  If you can help with our expenses, click "Donate Now" at the top of the page.  Please keep us and those affected in your prayers that all would be drawn to Jesus.
We had been in contact with several ministries as we were putting together a container to send to Peru to
help the earthquake survivors when Hurricane Felix was getting ready to make landfall.  Hurricane Felix
turned into a category 5 for the second time, just before it made landfall.  The majority of damage that
was done in Honduras was due to the large amounts of rain that fell and caused mass flooding.  A contact
we had was on the ground helping get things moving.  They contacted me and asked if I could come to
Honduras and help him with the relief efforts.

I agreed and I headed out with four others from the area.  There were some minor glitches getting to
Miami and one of our team members had to stay behind with some luggage.

We all met up in Honduras and headed to a medical clinic where we would be headquartered.  We
immediately purchased some rice and beans and began putting them into family-sized bags for distribution. 
Later that day we headed to a few flooded areas and passed out some of our family bags.  We worked
with some locals who ministered in the area.  This gave us great opportunity to share the Gospel with those
we met.  The gringos gave out the food and the locals ministered Spiritually.

The next day preparations were being made for us to head into the Mosquito Coast, a very remote area of
Honduras that I have visited several times in the past with Paul Benham of Living Waters of Central
America.  He had a ministry that installed water wells, among other things, for the poor indigenous people in
the area.

We spent some time doing repairs at the clinic where we were staying and visited a local Christian school
where the locals we were working with worked. 

Early the next morning we began the trek of a lifetime!  Our journey began with a long day of traveling. 
The roads started out paved, but ended up full of pot holes and mostly dirt.  We found a little church that
would allow us to sleep inside and made it to dinner just in time before a bad rain started.  I had eaten
some bad chicken on the way down and was starting to get pretty sick.

We awoke early in the morning and continued our journey by truck.  Whatever I had was getting worse! 
We were loaded down with bags of rice and beans and there were six of us traveling in a small pickup!

We reached the end of the road and got in a long, narrow boat hand-carved out of a tree.  We loaded all
of our supplies and headed down river.  We got to a place called “Devil's Hole” and we were instructed to
get out of the boat so that the captain could maneuver through the area.  We walked about a mile and he
picked us up on the other side.

Once back in the boat we continued down river and eventually finished our boat ride.  We had to climb up a
steep cliff and arrived at some type of mountain farm.  From there we loaded up pack mules and got on
horses to begin our trip into the mountains with supplies.  I continued to feel worse and worse, but we
needed to press on.

We just made it to the first church to drop off food when it started pouring down rain again.  This was a
blessing to me because I was able to get some extra rest.  As soon as it stopped raining we continued on. 
It was quite a trek as we forged rivers that were almost deeper than the height of our horses. We rode on
trails on the side of cliffs, sometimes even slipping a little as we continued going further into the mountains.

Finally we reached our destination.  We rarely saw anyone or passed any houses or farms.  The homes were
quite spread out but the people came to church each weekend.  We took the food to a couple of churches.
When the people came to church they would receive the food supplies.  The food was probably enough to
feed a family for a week-not a lot but it certainly helped them in their time of need.

We got up the next morning and did the trip backwards.  I was still feeling bad, but was getting over it.

Not speaking any Spanish, it was hard for me to communicate to the people we came in contact with, but we
were able to be Jesus' hands and feet, and the locals we traveled with were able to share the Gospel with

Continue to pray for these people as they have a rough life whether or not there are any storms that come
their way.  It was truly a blessing and an awesome opportunity for me to be part of this adventure, even
though I was not feeling as well as I wished!
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