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I had already booked a return trip to Haiti before I left the first time, so much to do and so little getting
done!  Shortly before I left, Cassie from Horizon Fellowship in Indianapolis and Danny, a Christian medic
from New Mexico decided to join the trip.  Cassie was going to bring a nurse with her and she couldn’t make
it, so the three of us headed out, Cassie from IN, Danny from NM and me from FL.  Cassie and I made it,
but Danny was delayed because of snow in NM, or so he says!!

We were supposed to pick up Vic’s van, but unfortunately the person taking us to it wanted to charge us too
much money, so we stayed at the airport and waited for Pastor Doug and Daniele from CC Delta PA, the
church that has the ministry in Barahon, DR, where we would be staying.  We got to the mission and got
settled in.

The next morning we immediately hit the ground running and took off for the first of 4 trips into Haiti this
time down.  We were looking for Pastor Seige from CC Port-au-Prince (PauP) and through a series of
Godincidences, we found the church, then the orphanage, then him and then we were taken to the CC PauP
tent city.  We were able to get some info on what their needs were and took off to go back to the DR.

The next day, we got some supplies to make a couple of tents and some food items to take in and headed
back to Haiti.  It was pretty late so we decided to pack our sleeping gear; there was no way we were
making it back in one day.  Even if there are no traffic issues, it’s at least a 7 hour round trip drive.

We arrived and got busy setting up our first tent.  Unfortunately, being late, it didn’t turn out like we
planned.  We had put it together with PVC and left it unglued to check out before we glued it.  We
inspected it for looks and stability, but forgot to check it for size; it was a little too big.  We had just
enough pieces to make one tent so we’d have to finish it on another trip.  Turns out we couldn’t find any of
the pieces we needed in the DR, so I’ll be bringing them back with me on my return from the US.

The next morning we sent the nurses to the hospital and we took off to check out the tent cities.  We had
no issues getting in and out and the people, though frustrated with the lack of help, were very pleasant to
us.  We ended up back at the hospital and brought the nurses back to the tent city and took off for home.

The next day, we were right back in Haiti.  We went back to the hospital and things weren’t as busy or so
we were told!  The nurses left and we went out to spend more time in the tent cities, though it was getting
a little late for my comfort zone.  We took off late for the border and actually got stuck, but thanks to
God, they opened the gate back up for us.

The next two days we went to Santo Domingo to look for tents and a vehicle for Doug to buy, and then
Johan and I took off for Santiago via bus to pick up Vic’s van.  We spent the night with our missionary
friends Jim and Theresa and headed back to the mission home.

We had some eye opening experiences at the air and sea ports, more wasted government money!  Had a
nice, but expensive dinner, won’t do that again and headed to bed.

The next day we got hardware supplies and worked on the home, I led a Bible study and got to bed late. 
The following day we headed out to Haiti for our last trip in to pick up Danny and take in some more food
and medical supplies.  We got back and I finished working on the house just in time for Jim and the gang to
arrive from Sarasota.

Early the next morning we all took off in different directions, Jim and the gang for Haiti, and me and our
team for the US.

It was one of the busiest trips I’ve been on as far as traveling.  I’m not sure I liked all the running around I
did and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t do the same things over again, given the options, but we did get a lot
accomplished and things are moving forward for the little that we can do.

I suggested that the tent city begin a food program for the other tent cities and Jim has told me it has
started.  I’ll be bringing in more supplies for that the next trip in.
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