We are currently in Moffett, OK where a historic flood damaged every home and building from major rains that happened upriver this summer.  We're rebuilding 3 homes and also helping others as we can, trusting The LORD to help us keep our commitments.  Unfortunately we've struggled to get volunteers, even locals to help us, which is truly sad.  We're set up to handle volunteers so if you're interested in learning more about joining us, click here.  There is also a volunteer availability calendar on that page. If you're interested in financially supporting Calvary Relief, click here.  

To read our 2018 Review, please click here. To stay up to date with what we're doing, please see our Facebook account and/or our newsletters, links are above.  Please pray that wherever we are and whatever we do, we'd be diligent as we share the love of Jesus with those around us in a tangible way.  Please remember to keep us in your prayers and especially that we'd grow in our relationship with The LORD and draw others to Him in all we say and do!  Curt & Mary Jo

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There are many areas of service needed when we respond to a disaster.  There are no unimportant jobs or unimportant people, it is a team effort.  There is always something for everyone to do.  Galatians 3:28, There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.  While we work hard and sometimes long hours, everyone gets plenty of rest and is well fed and we all have a blast!  As a team, while everyone can work at their own pace and take the necessary breaks that each individual feels they need, we try to stick together as a team throughout our time together. 


A typical day consists of an early rise and shine where personal devotional time is encouraged.  We then eat breakfast and have team devotions together.  Our focus is never about the work, it is all about Jesus and following His command to believers, “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”-Matt 28:19-20  As we each grow in our walk with the Lord the natural outcome is that we will serve others when we love God and love our others.  Therefore, our times of morning daily devotions are treated as the most important time of the day and are usually an hour to an hour and a half long.  Often times our devotions are accompanied by worship so if you play guitar, bring it!  After devotions we get busy being Jesus’ Hands and Feet as we serve others!  Once the work day is complete, we head back to the barn where we get cleaned up and ready for dinner and fellowship. 


The time you have to serve is short and not about rebuilding homes.  We do this, like everything else in our lives, to personally become more like Jesus and allowing what we do and how we do it to draw others into a relationship with Him.  Drawing others to Christ by rebuilding homes, etc, is not just for the homeowners, but the rest of the community we may or may not know is watching us as well as other team members.  We need to stay true to the task at hand while making sure that we are getting the rest and nutrition that we need.  Remember that you will only be serving alongside of CR for a few days and any sacrifices you have to make will be short and sweet and may even fall under the category of taking up your cross daily!! 


Before we begin any type of work, we require homeowners to fill out documentation specifying exactly what CR has agreed to do.  As a volunteer you are required to fill out a liability release form before participating in any relief related activity or service.  The "Liability Release" forms must be signed in our presence with the exception of anyone under 18 coming to serve without at least one of their parents or legal guardians. The underage team member's "Liability Release" form must be filled out and signed by the minor and at least one parent or legal guardian in front of a notary and notarized as such.  Unfortunately there are no exceptions to this rule and the minor will not be able to serve without it.  No one serves and no work is done, no exceptions, unless this is completed.  We will also conduct a general housekeeping meeting and go over basic "Disaster Relief 101" with each team upon your arrival to Camp Calvary, even if you have joined us before. 


As with anything that God has called His servants to do, we are to do it to His glory and in an orderly fashion.  This requires leadership and while you may not always agree to what and how Calvary Relief is asking you to do something, please remember that God has called us to unity in Him and in this case unity with CR's leadership.  There is a time and a place to bring up disagreements and we need to exercise good judgment in this area. 


We welcome any and all teams, families and individuals to join us, but all need to be willing to come under our leadership and guidance.  No matter where we are serving or where we are staying, volunteers are essentially coming to serve in the ministry that The LORD has given us to be good stewards of.  The LORD has shown us in many ways over the years how He wants us to oversee Calvary Relief.  While we with to remain humble and flexible in how Jesus wants us to change, please don't just assume you're the voice to do so and instead we ask you to respect us just like you'd expect us to respect you and your church or ministry that we visit or serve at.  We typically are in the field for long periods of time and you are only here for a few days.  This is a marathon for us and not a sprint and our focus is on making Jesus known throughout the whole time we’re here.  You may not understand everything we ask you to do, but we do ask you to understand that we’re doing what The LORD wants us to do and ask you to simply trust in Him!


Please also respect us and our time as we are serving the Lord here full time, usually 60+ hours a week in many ways outside of homes we're rebuilding.  We need our rest!  Unfortunately we don't allow teams to come in to the camp after hours (9 PM) and/or leave during the middle of the night (quiet time ends at 6 AM).  We realize that things do happen as you are traveling and this may require you to check into a hotel before arriving or before your intended departure and thanks for your understanding in this matter and putting others above yourself (Philippians 2:3-7).   Depending on where you land we may be able to provide transportation to and from airports if you are flying so check with us before renting as we have an 11 passenger van.  We also do NOT serve on Sundays.  If you are in camp on a Sunday, you will be on your own for all meals, etc for that day, but we will attend church together.  We do allow teams to arrive and depart on Sundays, but this will need to be discussed/approved in advance.


We offer safety training and on the job training if there is anything you’d like to learn to do while we’re doing it! 


We never allow members of the team to go off on their own, as Jesus sent out the disciples in twos, we will follow His example.  We also want to give the different teams the ability to spend time with their respective groups if they so desire, we just ask that you abide by any particular regulations set up by the camp and/or location we are responding at and discuss with us prior to arriving.  We request that the bulk of your time be spent with the group and/or your work team in order to promote unity in the camp and community. 


There are many costs associated with this type of work, as with any ministry.  We ask that any funds you wish to donate to those affected by the storms, be given to CR to distribute as deemed necessary, this includes any monies you wish to give to the owners of the camp/church we are staying at.  Often times there are bills that have to be paid by Calvary Relief for where the teams are staying such as electric bills.  There is also a cost for food, snacks, water, etc.  There are also many ministry expenses incurred by Calvary Relief such as fuel, tools, equipment, supplies.  We are just like any other short term mission trip that you may take.  Each trip will be a little different so please contact us in advance to discuss this.  Recommended donation is $75/person/week but please do NOT allow money to keep you from serving The LORD alongside of Calvary Relief.  If The LORD is calling you to serve then He will provide for you to do it!  We only post this amount because people are always asking us and this is a very minimal fee for all that is provided by Calvary Relief and doesn't cover any of the "field" work, materials, tools, etc.  Of course you are always welcome to donate more so that we can do more to help more! 


We travel with a trailer loaded with tools to do most of the work we will be engaged in for all of the volunteers serving with us.  There may be other equipment and/or tools needed and we can discuss this prior to your arrival. 


If you are interested in joining us then send us an email by clicking here.  We usually respond within 24 hours.


We ask that each potential team member read through and fill out the "Relief Trip Expectations" form below. Please open and print a copy for each team member.  As a team leader you will be asked to verify this has been done and then it will be your responsibility should any issues arise.


Please note that Adobe Reader is required to view these documents.  If you don't have Adobe Reader installed on your computer you can download it for free by clicking on the link button below: