We are in Aransas Pass, TX helping folks affected by Hurricane Harvey.  This is where the eye came through.  There's a lot of damage still and many needs.  We'll be helping with some rebuilds.  We need YOU!   Click here to learn about joining us in the field.  If you can help with our expenses, click "Donate Now" at the top of the page.  Please keep us and those affected in your prayers that all would be drawn to Jesus.
In early August I received a call from Tim from CC Costa Mesa.  Hurricane Dean was heading towards Texas.  I was asked to get supplies ready and prepare to head out when called.  We prepared, but the storm turned and headed to the Yucatan Peninsula.  Tim made contact with some people in Mexico after the storm hit and we were looking into getting some help their way.

Many churches and people immediately started sending aid to the area.  In the meantime an 8.0 earthquake rocked Peru, about 90 miles south of Lima.

Calvary Chapel Bible College Lima and CC Lima were immediately responding to the areas with relief items.  Tim was in contact with them and it was determined that we divert our efforts to helping them.  Tickets were purchased and we were on our way!

It  was a long flight and I was greeted by Tim, Tom and Andy from Costa Mesa.  A family from the Costa Mesa had a home in Lima and they were gracious to let us make that our base camp.  We got settled in and got to bed, it was going to be a long day tomorrow!

We got up and headed to the Bible College where we met with Pastor Jon and some of the others.  We discussed what we could do to help them in their efforts.  A group from CC La Habra was also in town and had already headed down to help.  It was determined that Marco Laura would be our guide.

Marco and his wife Monique had recently been sent out to be missionaries from their church, CC Downey.  Marco was originally from Machu Picchu but had moved to California as a kid.  Monique is from California.  Marco was helping out at the Bible College and church and Monique was working in the office at the Bible College.  They were preparing to go to Machu Picchu to plant a church there.

Early the next morning we rented a car and headed out.  Our first stop was in Canete where we met up with the group from La Habra and worked with Pastor Jaime, a local CC pastor.  He took us out to several areas where he was ministering to the people and supplying several soup kitchens in many different areas.  We had some of the students and staff from the Bible College as well as some people from Lima who attend CC Lima.  They put together a huge outreach for the kids with clowns, singing and of course a message about the Lord!  We made one more stop just before dark, handed out some supplies and headed back to Pisco.

We secured a place to stay, got some dinner, Marco took us to his favorite bakery for fresh bread and we got some sleep.

We woke early in the morning to take off for where the epicenter had hit.  After breakfast we chatted with Jaime, donated a DLP projector to his church and headed out.

We drove through Pisco where we came upon a Samaritan's purse outreach handing out food.  It was a mad house, everyone everywhere needed help.  Structures were damaged and all the government had done so far was to tell everyone not to go in any of them.  The people were living in tents in the streets if they were lucky.  It was winter there, over 500 people were reported dead, there was a lot disease quickly spreading through the area.

We continued on to Paracas, which means strong wind, a sea town where a tidal wave came on shore from the quake.  The place was a ghost town.  We found a local pastor and he showed us how high the waters were and some of the damage done.  He told us that the villagers fled to the mountains for fear of a Tsunami.  He was taking them two meals a day.

From there we headed to Ica to find a pastor who we were told may need some help.  We found him and he was busy rebuilding his home/school/church.  He said he was fine and perhaps we could help others.  It was getting late and we needed to be back to Canete before dark so we headed out.

We made it back, but not before dark, the Lord protected us on the way, amidst many dangers on the road.  We got up the next morning and headed back to Lima to discuss our findings with Jon at the Bible College.

While assessing the area we discussed with Marco what his plans were.  We mentioned that maybe God was directing him to the Parcas/Pisco area instead of Machu Picchu.  He laughed and said Monique would never like it on the coast, it was desert, dry and windy, no they were called to Machu Picchu.

We met with Pastor Jon and some others from the Bible College/church and discussed how we might help them.  We suggested that someone from Peru be the point man for the efforts and immediately begin ministering to the people, the only question was who.  Almost at once several of us looked at Marco and said, what about Marco?  God was moving.

We headed back to the states and immediately began putting together a relief effort.  We collected money, tents, vitamins, canned food, clothing, even some computers.  We hooked up with another ministry and they helped us ship a full container loaded with relief supplies to Peru.

In the mean time, Marco was regularly going to Pisco and was ministering mostly in a soccer stadium that had been converted to a tent city.  The government gave him permission to use the meeting tent to hold church services.  Many people from Lima came to help out.  Money was donated and sent to Lima and in turn they used all of that money to buy needed supplies.  During this time, Marco and Monique felt the Lord calling them to move to Paracas/Pisco and start a church!  They purchased a home in Paracas and continued to work in Pisco.  Their church moved out of the stadium as the tent city closed and the local government gave them a building to use.

The church has grown and moved and they currently have purchased some land to build on their own property.  What satan meant for harm, the Lord turned into good!  Many have come to know the Lord and been baptized.  To learn more about their ministry, to visit their blog click here.
Click on the picture to view a few photos from our response, to view more click here.  To view YouTube Videos click here