We are in Aransas Pass, TX helping folks affected by Hurricane Harvey.  This is where the eye came through.  There's a lot of damage still and many needs.  We'll be helping with some rebuilds.  We need YOU!   Click here to learn about joining us in the field.  If you can help with our expenses, click "Donate Now" at the top of the page.  Please keep us and those affected in your prayers that all would be drawn to Jesus.
After our original scouting trip to Peru shortly after the earthquake, we determined that the Lord wanted us to help get supplies to the survivors.  We immediately came back to the states and got started putting a container together.

We had never attempted a project such as this so didn't really know where to start, but God was good and He led us all the way.

Eric, who attends CC Sarasota, has a business that fixes conveyor belts for bottling plants.  He was asked to go to Brooksville and take a look at a unit for a ministry called Living Water, which is ran by Scott Jager.  Scott Jager also leads Christian Contractors Association, a ministry that does relief work.  Eric put me in touch with him and I traveled to Brooksville to talk to him about his relief work.  While there I mentioned the container to Peru that we were trying to do.  He told me that he knew a guy, Steve who might be able to help us with some guidance.

I contacted Steve and ended up going to Honduras with him and Scott for Hurricane Felix relief.  While on the trip we discussed the container.  I was given the name of Bob Fox from Operation Blessing and asked that I just contact them directly to see if we could get the container shipped.  Operation Blessing, among many other things, teams up with other ministries and is able to ship relief containers worldwide for very little cost via USAID, a US government agency.  You can't ship anything that would be considered “religious”, only humanitarian type aid.  Our only costs were shipping the goods to one location in the US, storage fees while waiting customs clearance in Peru and shipping and distribution in Peru.

We agreed and also decided to 50/50 split the container of goods with OB.  We quickly started collecting goods, money and purchasing the things we needed.

ISOH/Impact provided goods at little or no cost.  Equipping the Saints allowed us to ship all of our goods to their warehouse and they helped get the container loaded in the US.  They also donated clothing and computers.  Equipping also provided Spanish DVD's for children to us to take with us when we traveled back.  Vitamins for the World provided vitamins.  Arise Medical Missions provided some medical supplies and Just Tents supplied tents at a highly reduced rate.  Our thanks to all of those mentioned and the many others who gave financially and of their time to make this container possible!

We finally got the container on its way and began making preparations to go over and help with the distribution.  As things usually go, so we found out, with things such as this, it didn't go as planned.

We had made our plans to go in a few days after the shipment arrived so that it could clear customs and we could distribute.  The dock workers decided to go on strike.  The container eventually went to another country and then after the strike in January, it finally arrived!

Meanwhile we decided to head to Paracas and work with Marco and Monique.  They had just started the church down there and bought a house.  We helped them do some construction and painting, etc on their home.

It was my birthday on our first day down to Paracas and everyone surprised me with a dune buggy ride in the sand dunes and we also went sandboarding, much like snowboarding but in the sand.  Tim had a great run down so as I was going down and stopped, I tried to continue on and ended up flying through the air, landed funny on my shoulder and filled myself up with sand.  I was sore the rest of the week, but we had a lot of fun!

We also spent some time at the soccer stadium where a tent city was set up.  This was currently Marco's church.  We brought a DLP projector with us to donate to the church and set up a movie night.  We popped some popcorn and had some sodas.  We showed a Christian kids movie and the Jesus film, all in Spanish, which were donated by Equipping the Saints.  Everyone had a blast.

We first thought that the strike was going to end in a couple of days.  After a little while we determined to really do some work on their home so Marco, Monique,Tim and Tom took off for Lima to get more supplies that we couldn't find in our area.  I stayed back with Marco's brother and sister and did some painting.

We popped out for a quick lunch of Ceviche.  While waiting for our check a car came flying to a stop in front of us, 3 guys jumped out and ran in, pulled guns and robbed us!  I thought they were going to shoot Freddie!  We were praying hard.  They got our money and jewelry, except my wedding ring.  What a scary situation, but God protected us and no one got hurt.

I quickly got on line and cancelled all my credit cards and I still had some money tucked away back home.  The rest of the team made it back late and came in and checked on me and we all got some rest.  We had a busy few days left of work to do.

Tim and Tom had some things to take care of back in Lima and had to take off on Saturday.  We stayed until Sunday after church and got more work done on the house.  Sunday morning we changed where we got our breakfast and something in it made me really sick!  We headed back to Lima and got there in time to go to church on Sunday evening.  We spent the next day doing a few things around Lima and then headed back to the states.

The container arrived just when God wanted it to be there.  The tent city had closed and Marco and Monique had just moved their church out of the stadium and into a building.  They were able to use the supplies to pass out to people who were in need of things to get back to their lives and also gave them the opportunity to reach out to those outside the tent city as they started sharing Jesus' Love with the town!

Click on the picture to view a few photos from our response, to view more click here.  To view YouTube Videos click here