We are in Aransas Pass, TX helping folks affected by Hurricane Harvey.  This is where the eye came through.  There's a lot of damage still and many needs.  We'll be helping with some rebuilds.  We need YOU!   Click here to learn about joining us in the field.  If you can help with our expenses, click "Donate Now" at the top of the page.  Please keep us and those affected in your prayers that all would be drawn to Jesus.
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To be honest, I can't remember how we ended up serving with Habitat for Humanity.  There had been some
money given to help rebuild some homes in one of the poorer neighborhoods in our town, a section called

The project lasted for several weeks and we volunteered for two back to back Saturdays.  After attending
several meetings and touring the area to see what exactly what was going on, we were given our

We really pushed this in our church and ended up having 50+ people show up both Saturdays!  There were
other members of our community who also helped us on the projects.

The first home we began working just involved painting the outside of the home.  There was a little prep
work that needed done, but it was pretty straight forward.

The other home was an elderly widow who had issues with walking, she could walk, but needed a walker. 
She had no driveway on her property and had a few electrical and carpentry issues.  A member of our team
had a back-hoe and we started busting up the curb and digging out the driveway, while a few others worked
on the electric and carpentry items.  We managed to get the driveway ready for cement and most of the
rest of the work done by noon, had lunch and called it a day.

Next Saturday we had a great showing again, Praise God and got back at it.  Part of our crew worked on
finishing the painting of the one house, some of us removed the forms on the driveway and the rest of us
were split up between a few other homes doing painting, carpentry, electrical and tile work.  Again we
worked till noon, had lunch and called it a day.

We accomplished quite a bit of work, but it was really hot both days!  Habitat had the rule that we work till
lunch and call it a day, so that's what we did.  A lot of these people were living in homes that weren't livable
before the work was completed.  It was truly a blessing to serve these people in our own community
alongside so many from our home fellowship as well as others in our community!