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Disaster Pastor

Curt Hencye

Is Our Hope In The LORD-Really?

We wait [expectantly] for the LORD; He is our help and our shield. [21] For in Him our heart rejoices, Because we trust [lean on, rely on, and are confident] in His holy name.- Psalm 33:20-21 AMP


When we hope in anything besides The LORD, we will come to ruin. He wants us to trust in Him, not in ourselves or in any other man or scheme of man and yes this includes the government!


I know we believe that this is the worst it’s ever been in our world, and in our lifetime, in the little part of the world that surrounds each of us, and in those things that affect each if us, that may or may not be true.  But this world and the things in it have been passing away since Adam and Eve fell and it will continue to do so until there’s a new heaven and a new earth!  (Romans 1, Revelation 21)


We so often think everything bad that happens to us or the world is all the other guy’s fault, but none of us is perfect, without sin.  (Romans 3:10)  Jesus told us in John 8:7 AMP-However, when they persisted in questioning Him, He straightened up and said, “He who is without [any] sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.”


We’re quick to judge the world and yet are so imperfect in our own lives!  We look at everyone else, from whoever the current president is, all the way down to our local government, our neighbors, our spouse, etc and want to believe that if they (whoever they are at the moment), if they will just change then my life would be so much better.  If it does seemingly get better because someone around me changed and I didn't, then it won't last.  Nothing will change until, beginning with myself, there are heart changes that make us more like Christ!  And honestly to expect that to happen in the world, the government, our neighbors, spouses, etc, is highly unlikely as a whole!


It's interesting when I look back at the short time I’ve been on this earth and see times when most of us would say “it’s good” and yet during those times what really changed in our hearts and lives?  Anything?  Did we grow closer to The LORD and begin to live out His call on our lives or did you invest most of what you have, time, money, gifts, abilities, etc into this world and what you could get from it?  Did you remember how temporary this world is?


And then when it is “bad” in my/our opinion, what do we do?  Do our hearts change?  Do we begin to draw closer to The LORD?  By closer to The LORD I mean in such a way that changes our lives forever on this earth, not just a temporary change because our “circumstances” are bad.


God’s Word is clear.  We are ONLY to put our faith and trust in The LORD and obey clear Biblical Principles with our lives.  But instead, we expect everyone and everything else around us to change in such a way that brings us peace and happiness on this earth all so that we do not have to go through “tough” times.


Do I enjoy the “comforts” of this world, absolutely?  Am I desiring that "comforts" go away, nope!  But when I ask myself, what does God’s Word say about trials, etc, I realize that those are what perfects us, what makes us more like Christ.  (James 1:2-4). 


I don’t pray for trials to come in my life.  They’ll come my way no matter what!  I realize that God knows what's best for me and He loves me way too much to let me just be me.  He has a plan for me.  His plan/will for me is to become more like Christ in EVERY area of my life in such a way that I rely totally on Him in ALL I say and do.  If this is what I’m doing, then all I do with my life  will draw those around me to either come to know Jesus like I do or if they already do, then they will come to know Him and rely, trust, and hope in Him as they become more like Christ in all they say and do!


This world and its desires are passing away and only what’s done for Christ will last.  (1 John 2:17)  Following and living for Jesus is the most important thing while we're here on this earth.  It's the only thing worth spending our time, energy, monies, gifts, talents, etc on.  Until human hearts change to love, honor, follow, and obey The LORD in everything, nothing else will EVER change and as far as eternity, nothing else will EVER matter!  The choice is clearly ours to either choose to serve The LORD with ALL our heart, soul, and mind, or to follow our own selfish and fleshly desires.  (Matthew 22:37, Galatians 5:17)  It’s no ones fault but mine for me and you for yours.  The one who sins dies.  (Ezekiel 18)


Where does your hope and trust lie, in Jesus?  Does your life totally reflect that?  If not, what are you willing to do with your life today, tomorrow, to trust in and follow Him!  As for me and my house, we will serve The LORD!  (Joshua 24:15)


Please don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions, prayer requests, etc.  We'd love to pray with and for you and to the best of our ability answer any questions you may have soley using God's Word!


Love y’all and LORD Bless,

Curt & Mary Jo


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