We are currently in Moffett, OK where a historic flood damaged every home and building from major rains that happened upriver this summer.  We're rebuilding 3 homes and also helping others as we can, trusting The LORD to help us keep our commitments.  Unfortunately we've struggled to get volunteers, even locals to help us, which is truly sad.  We're set up to handle volunteers so if you're interested in learning more about joining us, click here.  There is also a volunteer availability calendar on that page. If you're interested in financially supporting Calvary Relief, click here.  

To read our 2019 Review, please click here. To stay up to date with what we're doing, please see our Facebook account and/or our newsletters, links are above.  Please pray that wherever we are and whatever we do, we'd be diligent as we share the love of Jesus with those around us in a tangible way.  Please remember to keep us in your prayers and especially that we'd grow in our relationship with The LORD and draw others to Him in all we say and do!  Curt & Mary Jo

Disaster Pastor

Curt Hencye

Bible Study

Calm And Collected In Spirit

Life on this earth is hectic, but we're called to be calm and collected in ...
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Living Worthy Lives

To discover how to live worthy lives on this earth according to God's Word,...
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Is Our Hope In The LORD-Really?

Do we really have our hope in The LORD? Click to read my latest devo!
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Living For Jesus Without Dying To Me

Is it possible for me to live for Christ without dying to myself? Click to...
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Establishing Our Footsteps

We are to establish our footsteps with God's Word! Click to read my latest...
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Turning Away From Jesus

As our world gets worse, will you turn away from Jesus or draw closer to Hi...
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Refreshing And Encouraging

We all need times of refreshing and encouraging! Click to read my latest d...
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Lip Service

Just saying we're a Christian doesn't mean we are! Click to read my latest...
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Praying For All

We're to pray for EVERYONE! Click the link for my latest devo!
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Always Be Ready To Share

We're to always be ready to share our hope, Jesus! Click to read my latest...
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