We are currently in Moffett, OK where a historic flood damaged every home and building from major rains that happened upriver this summer.  We're rebuilding 3 homes and also helping others as we can, trusting The LORD to help us keep our commitments.  Unfortunately we've struggled to get volunteers, even locals to help us, which is truly sad.  We're set up to handle volunteers so if you're interested in learning more about joining us, click here.  There is also a volunteer availability calendar on that page. If you're interested in financially supporting Calvary Relief, click here.  

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Disaster Pastor

Curt Hencye

Hurricane Sally Synopsis

In September we finally finished doing needed work and other things back home in FL when we headed to McDonald, TN to look into rebuilding some homes from the Easter weekend tornados when Hurricane Sally became a concern.  As we monitored its progress it moved towards the Mobile, AL area.  As we have several friends and a couple of churches we’ve shared at in the area, we began praying for and communicating with them. 

Sally’s eye went right through Foley and Pastor Joe from Calvary Chapel Fellowship of Foley (CCFoF) asked that I come down ASAP to help with their efforts to serve in their community.  We were still in TN, just finishing up with our initial assessments and headed out at about 2 in the afternoon.  First we had to pick our tool trailer in OK as it was done getting the new axles installed.  We made it there just after midnight, spent the night, and then got the trailer hooked up and headed for Fort Smith, AR where everything else was still located from our deployment there.

We made it back early afternoon on Thursday and began unpacking from our trip, repacking me to head out, loaded what tools I’d need for tree cutting and roof tarping/covering, picked up needed supplies and an extra generator, changed to the diesel truck, fueled up and headed out just before 9 PM.  Mary Jo stayed back to begin packing up our RVs in case we needed to move them, which would be determined once I had assessed what all we could do.  After a couple of days, I determined that this would be a short, first response only, deployment so Mary Jo got what she could done and drove down to join me on Tuesday.  Once she got to AL, she helped with food and other things around the camp, plus took care of me which she does so well!

I drove until just before midnight and got some sleep.  It was going to take a couple extra hours for the trip using the diesel, but I needed the fuel tank because there was no electric in the Foley area and fuel was scarce!  I got up Friday morning and headed out and arrived just after 6, Friday evening.

I quickly got my personal belongings unloaded into Joe and Lorraine’s house where we’d set up Camp Calvary and we’d be staying, and headed out to set up our generators at two homes that had been without power since the storm hit.  Once back at camp, I quickly set up several of our Milwaukee work lights so that there could be good lighting throughout the house.

Saturday morning Joe and I headed out to begin assessing homes, helping homeowners decide what was the best course of action for them going forward, and if it was determined that there was work that we could do, we filled out a work order with them.  A lot of what I do is inspect homes to see if there is anything that will need done immediately because of actual roof penetrations, trees, etc as opposed to what wind does in storms like these that under normal conditions won’t cause more damage to their homes.  We don’t just tarp every roof that has shingles missing or that had a little water in them from the storm as we have to be careful not to cause more damage to the home than what is needed, something we’ve learned since we started doing this over 16 years ago! 

We also quickly found out that most homeowners had high deductibles because of AL state insurance policies, and most of them would get little to no help from them.  Most people don’t understand things when it comes to insurance companies, deductibles, coverage, etc and it can be a rough time for them hearing the reality of what will happen next in regards to all of this.  We try to be as sympathetic as we can during these times and at the same time want to give them the truth of what they will be facing so that they can begin making educated choices on what to do and at the same time share the hope of The LORD with them knowing that He knew what they needed and sent us to help them during this time.  It had been 14 years to the day since the last major storm hit this area so most of the folks we talked to had either not lived there then or were too young to remember and/or have to deal with their own homes.

Two separate groups from CC La Habra (CCLH) came in to help the first week.  The first group was in LA helping set a church up for responding to Hurricane Lauren and had enough items to come in and help set up a base camp at Joe’s.  They arrived on Monday for a week and set up a make shift kitchen and eating/fellowship area.  A couple of them helped cook meals for the week they were there.  The others went out with me and we tarped our first roof on Tuesday.  None of them had done it before so I was able to show them what I’ve learned is the best approach and then I was able to send them out on their own so that I could continue to assess and talk to homeowners.

The other group was 7 teenagers and 4 adults and served 3 days.  They were able to do yard and debris cleanup and did a great job.  They also helped fix two fences and helped CCFoF do their weekly food pantry which was expanded because of a greater need from the storm.

CC Bangor, Maine (CCGM) came in next with 11 guys and some chainsaws and served for 4 days.  Three of their guys were highly skilled in tree cutting and Ken, the pastor, was an expert!  They were a huge help getting a lot of precarious trees down that more than likely would’ve required the homeowners to hire professionals.  This would’ve cost them from $2-8000 per tree!  I also worked with a part of their team the last 2 days they were there.  Click here for a short video of CCGM bringing a tree down.  Click here for a video of us singing Glory To The Lamb after dinner one night after cutting trees all day.

The last group that came in while we were there was 5 guys from CC Moreno Valley, CA (CCMV), the church that Joe was sent out of when he came to Foley 11 years ago to plant a church, and served 4 days. 

At that point I had already gone out and done some work with the CCBM team and then by myself, as the requests for homes needing assessed were dwindling.  None of the guys from CCMV had any tarping experience and we still had 2 homes that needed done, and only one of them had any experience with cutting trees so I went out with them on the jobs while they were serving.  Justin, Joe’s son, also joined us a couple of days and the Saturday they served, a couple of other guys from CCFoF also joined us for half a day.

After the CCMV team left, we had 4 days without any help so Mary Jo and I went out and cut trees on our own 3 of the days and Eric, a local from The Summit Church, helped me half a day on Saturday and then I worked on 2 other homes, one with the homeowner and the other by myself.  Click here for a short video of me cutting a “widow maker” out of a tree.

CCLH decided to send another group of mostly teenagers to help.  They were coming to serve for 4 days, 2 of them doing outreaches with food and bedding that was provided to give to those in need and 2 of them to do yard cleanup.  There were plenty of trees that I was able to cut up but not get to the street and a couple of homes that just needed yard/debris cleanup, so I set that up for them.  CC Lompoc, CA sent 4 guys for 2 days and they just wanted to come in on their own and needed some tree work to do so I left a couple work orders for them.  CCMV also decided to send another team of 5 for the last week in October and also wanted some work to do, so I left them one work order and there’s also some work to be done on the CCFoF church grounds, so they’ll help with that.  As of this post, the first two groups got all of the work done; the last one hadn’t arrived yet.

Since otherwise there were no volunteers to help me and I’m getting too old to do that kind of stuff alone, we decided we did all we could and packed up and headed back to AR.  We’ll be helping with a city wide outreach with CC Frontlines and packing up to move Camp Calvary to McDonald, TN to help with homes damaged/destroyed by the Easter weekend tornados this past spring and do some extensive maintenance on our equipment, so please keep all of that in your prayers!

Our deployment lasted a little over 3 weeks and once again we’re amazed at all The LORD did while we were there!  I assessed almost 100 homes.  Some of them didn’t need anything done once I went through the home with the owners, a few were rentals, which we can’t work on, and some of them were completed by others before we could schedule someone to do the work.  We were able to serve at over 75 homes.  Some were simple yard/debris cleanups, some minor tree work, some major tree work including removing some from roofs and/or taking down leaners getting ready to fall on homes, and tarping, covering, or securing issues regarding roof damages.  I was not only assessing homes from CCFoF, but was asked to also do it for CC Eastern Shore just north of Foley and The Summit Church in Foley.  All of this in less than 3 weeks with a little over 30 volunteers!

During this time we were able to pray for and minster to the home owners and encourage them with the fact that The LORD cared enough about them to send us to help them in this time of need.  We were also able to remove a huge burden from CCFoF church and Joe and Lorraine during this time so that they could continue to do all they do on a regular basis for their community and pray that we were a blessing.  God is good all the time and all the time, God is good!!  Please keep those we ministered to in your prayers and that the seeds that were planted would one day soon, be harvested!

Thanks for all of your prayers and support as we couldn’t do what we do without The LORD and you!

LORD Bless,

Curt & Mary Jo

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