We are currently in Moffett, OK where a historic flood damaged every home and building from major rains that happened upriver this summer.  We're rebuilding 3 homes and also helping others as we can, trusting The LORD to help us keep our commitments.  Unfortunately we've struggled to get volunteers, even locals to help us, which is truly sad.  We're set up to handle volunteers so if you're interested in learning more about joining us, click here.  There is also a volunteer availability calendar on that page. If you're interested in financially supporting Calvary Relief, click here.  

To read our 2019 Review, please click here. To stay up to date with what we're doing, please see our Facebook account and/or our newsletters, links are above.  Please pray that wherever we are and whatever we do, we'd be diligent as we share the love of Jesus with those around us in a tangible way.  Please remember to keep us in your prayers and especially that we'd grow in our relationship with The LORD and draw others to Him in all we say and do!  Curt & Mary Jo

Disaster Pastor

Curt Hencye

Moffett Update 5-3-20

We've been making some great progress at Ms. Reba's home the past 2 weeks. We've got a great crew, Chris is serving 4 days a week, Gery is serving 3 days a week, Jeff and I are serving 5 days a week, Mary Jo and Cristy are serving a day a week! This is just the push we've needed! Praying all continue to serve with us until we're done at her home!  Mary Jo and I are also working on things at camp when we’re not serving at Ms. Reba’s as there’s always lots of maintenance going on and we need to have things ready to move Camp Calvary when we’re finished here.

We finished the framing, got all the electric pulled and just need to tie up the boxes, insulation has begun, and we're ready to start hanging wall boards.

Ms. Reba opted for 3/8" sanded plywood that will be trimmed with 1x4 pine and she'll stain it all herself. It will be a lot of wood work, but it will look great when it's done!

Keep Ms. Reba in your prayers.  She's never been able to get the physical therapy she needs from her accident because of the health system shutting down.  She has whiplash and a lot of other pain.  She still gets around, even helped us insulate Thursday, but her overall demeanor has not been what it usually is.

Our white truck has a few issues going on.  Not sure what it is, but it's currently loaded down with wood for Ms. Reba's walls so will need to get it looked at when we're done.  Please pray that would not be a huge issue!  We'll also need some new tires on the van before we move camp and we have to take the tool trailer to OK to have some issues with the axles looked at.

Continue to keep us in your prayers especially that everyone would be in unity in The LORD which is the only thing that will keep us serving in unity!  We’ve been able to have a lot of great Bible devos, discussions, and discipleship while we’ve been here so pray that the seeds that have been planted in all of our lives would continue to grow as we allow The LORD to change us from the inside out!

Also, our renters in Sarasota are moving out at the end of May, so we need to find renters beginning in June. Please pray for that and if you know anyone in the area looking, let us know!  We’re also considering selling it again should we not be able to find suitable renters, so pray for discernment!

Thanks for your continued prayers and support, you are part of what we’re doing here!

LORD Bless,

Curt and Mary Jo

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