We are currently in Moffett, OK where a historic flood damaged every home and building from major rains that happened upriver this summer.  We're rebuilding 3 homes and also helping others as we can, trusting The LORD to help us keep our commitments.  Unfortunately we've struggled to get volunteers, even locals to help us, which is truly sad.  We're set up to handle volunteers so if you're interested in learning more about joining us, click here.  There is also a volunteer availability calendar on that page. If you're interested in financially supporting Calvary Relief, click here.  

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Disaster Pastor

Curt Hencye

Calm And Collected In Spirit

Note-all Scripture references in parenthesis are direct links God's Word so that you can easily click and read what The LORD has to say about the section before the reference.  I encourage you to click, read, study and even memorize these passages for yourself and NOT to just not just take my word for it.  (Psalm 119)

Be sober [well balanced and self-disciplined], be alert and cautious at all times. That enemy of yours, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion [fiercely hungry], seeking someone to devour. [9] But resist him, be firm in your faith [against his attack—rooted, established, immovable], knowing that the same experiences of suffering are being experienced by your brothers and sisters throughout the world. [You do not suffer alone.]- 1 Peter 5:8-9 AMP

Are we aware of what is going on around us in our own lives?  Peter tells us to be sober and alert.  Paul told us not to be controlled by ANYTHING or ANYONE except The Holy Spirit.  (Ephesians 5:18)  Why, because the devil is looking to devour those of us who are blindly walking through this world, often living on the edge, which is the opposite of being self-controlled!  Lions don’t attack the whole herd.  They look for the stragglers and those who’ve wandered from the herd.  Stay connected, stay in fellowship, and I’m not referring to technology, nor does The Bible, I’m talking about physically interacting with each other in the body as we bear and share each other’s burdens and hold one another in account to The Word of God!  (Proverbs 27:17, Galatians 6:2, James 5:15-16, 1 Peter 4:9-10, Hebrews 10:24-25)  If our hand is no longer attached directly to our body, it becomes useless to us.  God didn’t pick random analogies and examples to confuse us, but rather to show us how to live, and in the case of the body and hand example, to live body life with other believers!  (Matthew 18:20, 1 Corinthians 12:14-21)

Resisting satan and his temptations is being alert and sober or self-controlled.  Thayers dictionary has this for the definition of sober as used here; to be sober, to be calm and collected in spirit and/or to be temperate, dispassionate, circumspect.

Of course, we do this in Christ's strength with the full armor of God!  (Philippians 4:13, Ephesians 6:10-18)  When Paul said in his letter to the Philippians, that he could do it all with Christ’s strength, he had just finished telling them the things they needed to do in order to live a life worthy of their calling!  (Philippians 1-4, and see also my devo “Living Worthy Lives”)

Once again here in 1 Peter, God's Word tells us to be/stand firm in the faith, our faith in Christ!  We don't need to run out and find satan.  His demons are actively trying to thwart everything that is being done for The LORD.  If you’re living for Jesus, then you will be attacked!  (John 16:33)  We look for satan when we live our lives for ourselves instead of for The LORD and this will open the door for him to do all he can to devour our lives on this earth!

Standing/being firm also means that we don't retreat!  When we're being tempted (In James 1:13-15 we're told that our sin comes from our own stinkin' thinkin'), we need to stand firm and not allow the temptation to overtake us.  (1 Corinthians 10:13)


We don't run to look for ways to attack satan and certainly we don't run into sin.  We don't run and hide when temptation, testing and tribulations come, instead we press on, we die to ourselves, to our stinkin' thinkin', to our desire to sin which includes not pressing on and into Christ!  (Philippians 3:12-14, Matthew 16:24-26)  We allow The LORD to work out His will/plan for our lives, making us more like Christ, perfecting and completing us!  (James 1:2-4, Romans 8:28-29)

And just like Paul reminds us in 1 Corinthians 10:13, many other Christians in this world are struggling with the same temptations and sufferings as we are and some much more than we could ever imagine.  Instead of falling into sin, we should be praying for our brothers and sisters in Christ who are going through the same struggles that we go through as we also pray for ourselves.  We also need to remember James 4:17 which says if we know what we're supposed to do and don't do it, we're sinning, so it's not just about not committing a sin, but also about not being obedient to what we're supposed to do according to God’s Word.  Not being obedient to what we’re supposed to do is a sin and this also leads us to falling into more sin.   

We need to quit playing the victim, take responsibility for our own lives, commit our lives to The LORD, die to our fleshly desires, be aware of the things we think/do/say, even the so-called smaller things, and don't let those things keep us from pressing on towards the goal for the prize that God has called us heavenward in Christ Jesus!  (Matthew 16:24, Philippians 3:12-14)

Time is short.  Eternity started the moment we were conceived.  It isn’t going to end well with many around us.  Do something about it.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions, prayer requests, etc.  We'd love to pray with and for you and to the best of our ability answer any questions you may have soley using God's Word!

Love y’all and LORD Bless,

Curt & Mary Jo


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